The Journey Begins, Mastering The Job Hunt

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Are you unemployed or currently working in a role where you feel unfulfilled? Are you receiving rejection notices from employers after submitting  tons of job applications and you feel as though the job market has gone stale? Myself and thousands of other people have experienced this at least one time or another.

When it comes to trying to find a new career role, whether you’re applying internally or outside of your organization the answer lies within branding and marketing. When you tell people that you are on the market for a new role the first thing that people ask about is your resume. Your resume however can only take you so far, remember its just a piece of paper.


Your co-workers, peers, and close family friends can become your biggest assets when looking for a new role. Most of the time when someone says ‘references’ , you think of your professional contacts. Not everyone has an extensive work background or an exuberant list of professional contacts that can speak highly on your behalf. Think about your parents or family members that may work for large companies. Or friends that may know people who work in ideal roles that you could see yourself in. Talk to your peers, show them your resume. Go out to lunch or have coffee breaks with those people.

Another networking tool that goes grossly underutilized is LinkedIn and even Facebook. In this day and age technology and social media has allowed us to be able to communicate and connect with almost anyone. Join/Like company social media content to learn more about their services, send direct mail messages to recruiters or to those who are in your network or the “people you might know” sphere. Even a kind letter or Thank You note to HR managers with whom you’ve recently interviewed can set you apart from the rest. Aside from your resume, its all about who you know.

Letters of Recommendation and Cover Letters

Letters of Recommendations alongside cover letters provide just as much information as a well designed resume and an accumulation of all three documents makes for a very good chance for an interview. The key to well written letters of recommendations and cover letters is the proper use of white space. As a HR professional, when we receive cover letters and resumes etc, filled from top to bottom with words it can be overwhelming and it discourages us from wanted to read it in its entirety.

Use bullet points!

Bullet points allow you to pull your skills and job qualifications to the forefront and makes for easy quick reading for hiring staff. Bullet points and a brief synopsis of why you’d be good for the role can make or break a proper cover letter.

As for letters of recommendation, utilize those peers and references that you’ve worked alongside or in service of. If you apply to a job that requires more work experience than you may have, a letter of recommendation highlighting your ability to learn quickly and adapt accompanied with your other suitable skills will set you above others.

Good luck on your job search!




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