Weathering the storm

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WeatherING your stormSometimes life forces you to take a long pause and look at your life.

It takes immense perseverance and tenacity to start something new like quitting your job, enrolling or dis-enrolling in higher education, starting your own company or whatever large project is affecting your life.

Someone very close to me was recently weathering his storm and the beautiful and inspiring part about his story is that he’s 100% happy and satisfied with his life decisions thus far. He recently quit his well paying job and dropped out of school. Now I know what you’re probably thinking, “what kind of person is satisfied with these types of decisions!”

But trust me… He is.

He is a carpenter by trade and the company he worked for had no work life balance and after a while, the long hours, harsh weather conditions and trite management began to wear on him. During that same time he also dropped out of school. Carpentry wasn’t just a job for him it is his passion, his vocation and he thought that if he pursued a bachelors degree to accompany his work experience and certifications it would better his life.

However, school was always a challenge for him. Even throughout grade school he struggled from test anxiety and other learning disadvantages. A culmination of work stresses and school pressure led him to walk away from it all.

After quitting his job and leaving college a new person was born. You could see the light within him shine because he was truly happy. He was able to focus on his skillset regardless of the technical degree and he was able to take control over his own schedule, time, and peace of mind.

He weathered his storm and came out on top and landed a even better job, with even better benefits without the long hours. Not only that, but he found himself, he listened to his heart and followed his dreams. If you have any fear or hesitation of making a major move in your life, JUST DO IT.

Be like Noah. God tasked Noah with building a huge arc to weather a storm for 40 days and 40 nights. What would’ve happened if Noah got too scared and never built that arc? What would’ve happened if my friend never followed his heart for the betterment of himself?

Everyone has a gift, everyone has a skill. Don’t let the pressures of the world keep you from reaching your fullest potential. Weather your storm, trust in your process and believe that you will come out on top. Your perseverance will be rewarded.



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