The Value of Affiliation

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Partnerships-shutterstock_144653342-2Being apart of an organization or group can prove to be very beneficial in alot of ways. It’s important when you’re thinking about joining a organization that you dig deep within yourself to understand the reasons why you want to join. Whether you’re deciding to join a greek pan-hellenic organization, a professional/vocational group, or club you will want to take into account a few things.


What are the reasons why you want to join a organization? Organizations are great for networking , knowledge expansion, personal and professional growth, and it provides opportunities to sharpen your technical skills. Far to often do I see people who join groups, and their participation begins to slack overtime or they feel like the organization isn’t helping to advance their own personal goals. When you join a organization it becomes a mutually beneficial relationship. The organization grows by each new member, which allows the orgs initiatives to grow and you get a chance to represent something bigger than yourself. If you can’t become apart of a organization without placing your own personal gains ahead of the group, then you probably should re-evaluate your decision to join.


Do you have time in your schedule to dedicate to a commitment like being active in a organization? It is one thing to be a member of a group and have it listed on your resume, but its another thing to be actively engaged in your organization. Most reputable groups and affiliations not only require its members to attend weekly or monthly meetings, but there is also a financial commitment. For example, one of the organizations I am apart of requires me to attend their monthly meetings and to pay an annual due of $400. When you decide to join something you are attesting that you are available and willing to be active in the organization and the organization is trusting you in that commitment. Some organizations require attendance in community service events or national conferences/conventions. If you have a busy schedule and are too busy to meet the obligations of the organization, try not to waste time courting the group knowing that it might not be a good fit.


You benefit the organization through your membership. They may benefit from you financially and through your attendance. However, you benefit from the group in alot of ways too. If you join a nationally known org, you are a reflection of that group and you also gain the support of the entire organization. For example, to add to the list of professional and personal affiliations that I am apart of, I have been deciding if I’ll join SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management). SHRM would pair very well with my academic and professional background. I would benefit from this organization because of the weight SHRM has in the world of Human Resources. I also would benefit from attending their meetings and learning more about my industry and growing my skills.


Whatever organization you decide to join, be sure to take these factors into consideration to make sure you’re making the right move.

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