Top 5 Qualities of a Leader

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When you visualize leaders, most people think of their boss or their supervisor. Some people think of their parents or the person that they know with the most influence. To some degree you’re correct. However, leaders don’t always have to be people in a position of power.

Your co-worker, best-friend, or neighbor could be a leader to someone. Leadership lies from within no matter your stature in life. Check out below some of the top 5 qualities of a leader from myself at Nopareil!


Yesterday I had the honor of meeting the mayor of Lathrup Village, MI, and during that time myself and a group of others were having a conversation surrounding roles and responsibilities in local government. The only way things were going to progress in the city was if everyone took initiative to try and change the status quo. To take initiative, means to have the power and opportunity to accomplish something before anyone else does.

Leaders take initiative and change the world one step at a time. People who make an effort to solve problems big or small possess leadership qualities.

Empathy and Kindness

Empathy and Kindness are my favorite qualities of humankind. The old saying that, ‘you’ll catch more bees with honey than with vinegar’ will forever stand true. To empathize is to be able to some degree, understand or share the emotions and experiences of someone else.

Alot of people believe that in order to be a leader or to rise above in life you have to be cut-throat and in some ways insensitive to others, because of fear that the next person will destroy you first. That is the way some people get ahead, but that doesn’t mean its right. People can be firm in their morals but empathetic at the same time.

Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most exemplary leaders in history and he was a model agent of empathy and kindness. In fact, the two pillars of Gandhism are non-violence and truth, as honesty is our next characteristic of leadership.


Honesty is always the best policy. How many times have you heard that one before? A million?

Good, because its true.

Every time you tell a lie, you then must remember the lie you told and the answer to your lie to ensure that you don’t get caught up in your falsehood. That is no way to live your life, especially if your a leader. Leaders help people, they push for progress, they empathize with you, and the tell the truth no matter what. Push yourself to be a better person and to take ownership of everything you do. You will be respected for it, even your enemies will respect you. The best example of a honest leader would be Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln’s nickname was “honest Abe,” and he got that nickname from when he was young store clerk. As a clerk, when he realized that he may have shortchanged a customer it is said that he would walk far and wide to ensure that, that customer received his/her correct amount of change. It was his ethical propriety that led him to become our 16th President of the United States.


Here at Nopareil we believe that discipline is one of the top 5 characteristics of a leader; because to be disciplined is to be determined to accomplish something. Leaders are able to accomplish so much because they are determined to do so. Determination and discipline are in tandem

Leadership qualities are present within everyone no matter where you are in life. Even kids can be leaders and possess all of these qualities.

If there is anything in life that you want to accomplish evoke these characteristics and see how your life changes.





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