How To Write A Successful Cover Letter

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Alot of people, if not everyone dreads writing a cover letter. Especially when you’re tasked to write a specific cover letter for a specific job. But have no fear, quick cover letter tips are here.


Show Off Your Skills

The best advice that I ever received regarding my cover letter was to utilize bullet points. Far too often do people write cover letters that look like the prolouge to a novel. All of the white space is covered with information from the top of the page to the bottom, and quite frankly that can be overwhelming for hiring staff. Hiring managers want to be able to quickly identify your skills  and to see if those skills align with the needs of the job. Proper use of bullet points in your cover letter is crucial. Try to write out four to five skills that you have that relate to the four to five required qaulifications of the job your applying to, and place it in your cover letter. The bullet points help make your qualifications shine!


For ease, most of us when we draft up a cover letter, we do so hoping that we can use the same cover letter for each job application (if only it were that easy). Unfortunately, your cover letter should properly reflect the job which you’re applying for. You will need to customize your cover letter to be specifically tailored to the job application. Be sure to insert the company name and the position title in your cover letter. These companies want to see that your excited for the opportunity to possibly be working for them, and the first touchpoint between you and the company is usually your resume/cover letter combo.

Remember first impressions are everything.

Keep it Short

Keeping in line with the ‘skills’ section of cover letter, try to keep your cover letter short. There’s no need to be overly wordy on your cover letter. Get straight to the point of why you’d be a great asset to the company and showboat the skills you possess.


Please proofread your cover letters! Nothing is worse than when you have the technical skills and qualifications for the role, but your spelling and grammar errors are distracting. Proofreading your cover letter is just like prepping for an interview. You wouldn’t (shouldn’t) go into an interview without doing your research on the company and having pre-thought-out answers to possible interview questions. You should not submit a job application without making sure that your cover letter makes sense. Your cover letter allows for hiring managers to envision you as a person, it is your first impression upon the team without a physical presence.

Please do not underestimate the power of a great cover letter, most HR teams and hiring managers do read them. Well written cover letters can make your job application rise above the rest!


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