Goals! Goals! Goals! for 2018

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Every year for the past few years, around Christmas time. I create a vision board. My family and I gather around with blank canvas boards that we’ve purchased from our local crafts store. We grab magazines, glue, crayons, markers, glitter, sugar, spice and everything nice!Dollarphotoclub_94751244

I look forward to this experience every holiday season, and here are just a few things that I put on my personal vision board.

  1. A Successful and Purposeful profession
  2. Happiness and Love
  3. Dream Car or Dream Home
  4. Financial Stability
  5. Spiritual Strengthening
  6. Health
  7. Safe Travels/ Vacations

I wish for myself and everyone I encounter a life where they enjoy doing what they do for a living. Whether it be blogging, working for a nonprofit or a white collar career. Everyone deserves to be fulfilled at work especially when it consumes 8 or more hours per day in your life. I also wish for everyone to be able to experience happiness and love. Happiness can be found in anything, it can be found in family, friends, intimate relationships, your pets etc. Everyone deserves to be happy. Goals 3 – 7 are the things that I strive to achieve every year (every day really). I try to make moves in my life both personally and professionally to be able to drive the car that I want, and to live in the space that I want. Financial stability, spiritual stability and health are values that are important to me, they are values that I hold in high esteem for a purposeful life. And of course, who wouldn’t strive to be able to take vacations? I’ve had this goal since I was a teenager, to AT LEAST go on one trip per year… So far so good!

What are some of your goals?



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