7 Effective Time Management Tips

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When pursuing anything in life, time management skills tend to play a huge role in whether or not you’ll be successful. The world throws a lot of expectations at us and its imperative for us as humans to learn how to work smarter, and not harder. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Try utilizing these 7 proven to work time management skills to navigate and accomplish your goals.

Limit your distractions. Whether you’re at work or at home, when you have your mind set on a goal  it becomes easy to get distracted on something else. At home, try turning off your tv when trying to complete your homework or whatever task you’ve set for yourself. At work you may have created a schedule for yourself or a list of everything that you wished to accomplish for the day, then BOOM you’ve committed to late lunch with your co-workers or have gotten wrapped up in a task that has taken you longer to complete. Sometimes you have to tell your friends and co-workers no or call for a rain check. As for that task that has now become a behemoth, try to dedicate a certain amount of time to it, then walk away from it and work on something else. It’s ok to take a break!

SLEEP. I myself am a lover of sleep so it is no problem for me to achieve 7+ hours of sleep. Nevertheless, it is a medical fact that sleep is important to the body. Everyone needs to rejuvenate, if everyone was a robot we probably would not be having this conversation about time management. According to the National Sleep Foundation, Adults required at least 7-9 hours of sleep. So next time you’re feeling tired but you need to finish a task, try taking a nap or going to bed and attacking your task the next day. A fresh pair of eyes will warrant better results.

Learn how to say NO! I know what it’s like to try to be everything for everybody, however no matter how hard to you try it is exhausting, thankless and detrimental to your well-being. Learn how to put yourself first. It’s ok to carve time out for yourself and your goals.

Learn to delegate. This skill is especially useful when you are struggling with managing your time effectively at work. Everyone needs help sometimes, and it is ok to outsource tasks to those who are better prepared to handle them. Try not to abuse your power or your co-workers offer to help, but delegating tasks can definitely free up some time for you to accomplish more important goals.

Discipline. Staying focused on your tasks are in tandem with limiting your distractions. One of the best ways to limit your distractions and to stay focused is to create a plan. Try creating a list that contains reasonable and attainable goals for you to accomplish. It can be overwhelming to try to have large broad tasks, so try to short sight yourself and accomplish the little things. Eventually every small task you accomplish will snowball into one large project that you’ve completed!

Use a Calendar. Apple Calendar and Outlook are just two of my favorite applications to keep on track of what I need to do for the day. I use apple for my personal calendar and outlook for my work calendar. They’re both easy to use and you can set reminders/alarms to go off to remind you of each task. You can also use the old fashioned way of pen and paper. Sometimes just writing a schedule or having a desk calendar is just as helpful for some people.

Don’t overwork yourself. Try not to bite off more than you can chew basically.

What are some effective time management skills that you’ve used?


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