Strengths and Weaknesses

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Michael John Bobak

I wanted to write an article about the importance of knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses. When I began with the thought, I felt as though it was a super broad topic. There are strengths and weaknesses in oneself in the workplace, in your relationships, in your technical skills, the list can go on forever.


Then I began to write down a list of different types of strengths and weaknesses and I realized it doesn’t matter what facet or realm you’re referring to, knowing your strengths and weaknesses can be applicable to anything.

Types of Weaknesses Types of Strengths
Not being assertive Kindness
Conformative Honesty
Domineering Determination
Uncooperative Respectfulness
Not a team player Diplomatic
Being to critical of yourself The ability to effectively communicate
Unwilling to learn new things or grow Listening


I believe that it is super important to be able to know yourself. I also believe that it’s a best practice to be introspective and to really be honest with yourself about area’s that you may need to work on. For example: I am naturally an introverted person. That is something that I am trying to work on and part of the reason why I started this blog.

Be honest about your flaws and the characteristics that make you amazing. Once you’ve identified your strengths and weaknesses you will become a more self-aware person


When Interviewing

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses is a question that you are surely to be asked. Employers respect honesty from their candidates, it makes the selection process easier. Even if it turns out that you may not be the best fit for the team, be grateful that you didn’t end up at a job that you’d be unhappy at. And I’m sure the company will appreciate not having wasted its resource on the hire.

Also, the more you know about yourself the easier that it will be to search for roles that are more suited to your personality type.

In Relationships

One of the biggest reasons why people break up is because they have a problem with communication. A relationship is a team effort, and it requires two people who know themselves and who know what they want, to be honest with each other. Knowing your strengths, weaknesses and communicating properly with others can keep you from starting a lot of mess that you had no intentions on starting. However, knowing yourself can also be very beneficial to a relationship. One of your strengths may be your partners weakness and together you’ll be able to grow and flourish!


What are some of the areas in your life that you’d like to work on?


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