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What are you grateful for? I discovered a plethora of things that I am grateful for in the past week. It seems as though it is when life get extremely tough, when I am able to express gratitude for the good things occurring in my life. Whenever I am having a tough or stressful week

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Taking Control of Your Life

We all have endured a time in our life where we question if we’ve taken the right path in life. The truth is, your path IS the right path. No one person can take control over your destiny and the path you decide to travel for your life. For those who are questioning themselves, I

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Weathering the storm

Sometimes life forces you to take a long pause and look at your life. It takes immense perseverance and tenacity to start something new like quitting your job, enrolling or dis-enrolling in higher education, starting your own company or whatever large project is affecting your life. Someone very close to me was recently weathering his

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